GAP Mastic

GAP Mastics are designed for situations where crack sealants are ineffective and paving is impractical. They have proven to be an effective part of the pavement maintenance process when used correctly.

GAP Mastic is a hot-applied polymer modified asphalt mixed with engineered aggregates and modifiers designed to fill wide cracks and defects to prevent water infiltration and restore ride quality. GAP is designed as a permanent repair solution for wide thermal cracks, fatigue cracking, rutting and depressed broken-up areas. It is also recommended for use around solid structures in flexible pavements like manholes, gutters, and drains.

GAP Project Gallery

GAP Brand Mastics combine the flexibility and adhesion of rubberized asphalt sealants with the strength and load bearing qualities of engineered aggregates. The result provides a stable, flexible repair that bonds firmly with existing pavement to seal out water and prevent further damage for years to come.

Mastics have proven themselves to be an effective solution for many common pavement maintenance issues including:

  • Wide Cracks
  • Depressions/Ruts
  • Pot Holes
  • Alligator/Spider web Cracking
  • Around Drains, man holes and other solid structures in pavements
  • Shoulders and seams
  • Rough drive surfaces

Check out our GAP Videos below to see the product applied.