Cut-Back Asphalt Paving Seal And Parking Lot Striping

Cut-Back Asphalt Paving Seal is a moisture-resistant asphalt coating for sealing and protecting blacktop surfaces. Blacktop surfaces deteriorate from exposure to air, sun, rain, freezing weather and snow; from the wear of traffic and from the hardening of the asphalt surface. If this dry, weakened condition is not corrected, cracks and breaks soon appear. Moisture seeps in. The base becomes soft. Traffic churns it up. In low temperatures the moisture freezes and expands, causing unsightly, dangerous holes to develop. Expensive, time-consuming replacement becomes necessary. Cut-Back Asphalt Paving Seal virtually eliminates this costly problem for you quickly, easily, inexpensively. Cut-Back Asphalt Paving Seal is a specially formulated product that is applied to cured asphalt pavement to extend its service life.

Properly applied, seal coating protects the pavement from the harmful effects of sunlight; preventing oxidation of the pavement while at the same time protecting the pavement from attack by spilled oil or other materials.
Seal coating can be used to extend the life of driveways, parking areas and even roadways. It is generally applied using spray equipment. Seal coating should be reapplied every three to five years.

Seal coat is black in color. Because it protects the pavement of spills, a seal coating application makes asphalt pavement easier to clean. Bargen Incorporated seal coating crews are specially trained in precision application techniques, with particular emphasis on working next to curbs, door openings and other structures that might adjoin the pavement being seal coated.

Why Seal Coat?

  1. Appearance – a well-kept property is complimented by a rich black durable finish.
  2. Value – an attractive driveway is one of the least expensive ways to increase the resale value of your property.
  3. Cleanliness – the sealed surface is easy to keep clean.
  4. Protection – age and weather produce cracks and openings in an asphalt surface. Seal coating can seal these cracks and reduce damage from water, oil, salt, and frost.
  5. Prolongs Lifespan – Seal coating sprayed under high pressure penetrates and revitalizes the asphalt surface, retarding the oxidation. Normal deterioration is reduced and the driveway’s life span is extended.

Our Process

Clean the entire asphalt surface with high powered blowers, sweepers and brumes to improve asphalt to sealer bond.

Apply Cut-Back Asphalt Pavement Sealer.

Allow to Dry for 24 hours.

Parking Lot Striping

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