New Roof Installation (EPDM Membranes)

Bargen Incorporated installs fully-adhered rubber roofs. We use high quality rubber which is 0.060″ mils thick. EPDM is available in many different lengths, allowing the roof to have fewer seams. EPDM roofs are light-weight and highly elastic. Fully-adhered rubber roofs can also be coated by Bargen Incorporated’s Commercial Roofing Crews to prolong your roofs life.

EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. EPDM is classified as a Thermoset material which means it is either fully-cured prior to being installed or that it cures during natural weathering after installation. EPDM roofs are single-ply membranes meaning there is only one ply of roofing material, not multiple plies laminated together.

EPDM is a rubber material whose principal components consist of the compounds ethylene and propylene. A flexible rubber matrix forms when a small amount of diene is added to the mix. EPDM is available reinforced or un-reinforced with both commonly used; it’s also available in either a cured (vulcanized) or uncured (non-vulcanized) state. Vulcanized EPDM is the most common with non-vulcanized often used for flashing purposes.

EPDM Membranes Repair

Bargen Incorporated repairs EPDM roofing systems. EPDM has been in use on roofs in the USA since the 1960’s and is one of the most common types of low-slope roofing materials. This is because it is relatively inexpensive, simple to install, and fairly clean to work with when compared to conventional built-up roofs. There aren’t the odors and fumes that accompany built-up roofs which appeals to many property owners and managers.

Weaknesses of an aged or poorly installed EPDM Membrane Roofing System can be seams, flashing and the sealing around extrusions on the roof. Over time, seams and flashings lose their bond due to weather related elements, temperature fluctuations and moisture. Roofs should be inspected annually for seam breakdowns, flashing failures and punctures. Bargen Incorporated’s Commercial Roofing Division can fix your damaged EPDM Roofing Systems.