Bargen Inc History:

“The story of Our Beginnings….”

…How it all started:
“Bargen Incorporated was began by Bradley Bargen. Bargen stared selling a complete line of roofing and asphalt maintenance products for Texas Refinery in March of 1981. It was apparent to Bradley Bargen that the products which he sold needed to be installed by knowledgeable people. Bradley Bargen then began applying the product for customers in addition to selling it.

Bradley Bargen operated the business four years as a single proprietorship. In 1985 James Heltemes began working with Bargen and the two of them operated the business as Bargen Roofing and Asphalt Seal Coating. The roofing business included both commercial and residential flat roofs and residential shingling and carpentry. In 1987 James Heltemes partnered with Bradley Bargen to incorporate Bargen Roofing and Asphalt Seal Coating. Later in 1987, Bradley Bargen added a Crack Sealing service to the growing company. In 1989 Alan Hirsch joined Bargen Incorporated and soon partnered with Bargen and Heltemes. In 1996 Bryan Bargen joined Bargen Incorporated and helped grow a General Construction Division.

Currently Bargen Incorporated employ’s around fifty-five people during peak season, asphalt maintenance division has six seasonal crews and one seasonal striping crew, commercial roofing division has one full-time crew, and the general construction division has two full-time crews.