RePlay® is a patented formulation that is 88% biobased and contains no petroleum, will double the life of your existing asphalt, when used every 3-5 years. Over time, asphalt oxidizes and wears out due to oxygen in the air and traffic on the surface. In colder temperatures, the freezing/thawing process also contributes to cracking and potholes. We apply a patented formula that is proven to reverse the oxidation process and maintain the skid resistance of your paved surface. Our process also adds new SBS polymers to your asphalt mix reducing spider cracks and strengthening the overall mix.

Other RePlay® benefits include:

Cures in minimum of 30 minutes
It penetrates 0.75 to 1.25 inches
Reduces moisture penetration
No oil tracking
No need to re-stripe “product goes down opaque”

Check out the RePlay® video’s below.

The following video is from KEYC TV, in Mankato Minnesota.

Soy-Based Road Preservation Solution from the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI).