A built-up roof (BUR) system is composed of three materials. The three materials are bitumen, felts and surfacing. It is called a built-up roof because it is made (or built up) at a job site.

A BUR system is made up of layers of felts and bitumen. When the layers are installed correctly, they will create a strong, watertight membrane.

However, weaknesses of a built-up roof can be as the roof ages tar paper will separate from parapite walls, curb units, and drainage pipes. Exterior elements such as rain, snow, heat and wind damage built-up roofs by causing cracks and tear increasing ply-separation in built-up roofing systems.

Bargen Incorporated’s Commercial Roofing Division has been repairing built-up roofs since it began. Some roofs simply don’t need replacement, but just maintenance and repair. Having an expert take core samples and visually inspect your roof can save you big dollars. This is a service that Bargen Inc. supplies to you the customer at no charge.