Dear Brad and Bryan,

Thank you for the gift you presented to us from Bargen Incorporated.

As we open the doors of the new Bjerum Funeral Home your support and assistance to make this a reality is greatly appreciated. We look forward to a continued relationship with you in the future.

Mike and Audrey Bjerum


We want to say a very, very special thank you for all your hard work in rebuilding our house. We want to apologize for in any way complicating or making your job difficult for you. We know that you are always concerned first and foremost about customers best interest and your ultimate goal is to please. We truly appreciate working with someone with such a fine virtue.

Thanks again for everything.

Brian and Carol Harder

Bargen, Inc–

Thank you for the work done on our roof. My wife and I think it looks great.

Wade Nelson


Thanks for a swell job. It was nice to see people go to work and get it done right. Tell the crew it was appreciated.

Jim Bayles